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You love your family, and you do everything you can to look out for them. But what will happen when you're gone or can no longer care for them? To make sure your family is prepared for that time, turn to William Ables, Attorney at Law, PLLC for estate planning. We can help you start drafting a will or setting up a power of attorney right away.

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3 reasons to set up a living will or power of attorney

A living will outlines your preferred health care directives, while a power of attorney allows you to appoint a loved one to make decisions on your behalf. Here are three reasons to take advantage of these services:

  1. Your family will have clear health care directives to follow.
  2. Your health care directives will be easier to modify once they're set up.
  3. You can choose a trusted loved one to look after your finances and well-being in case you become incapacitated.

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